The Songs

Song 1
Get Ready (to be) Locked Out of Heaven (but you can) Use Me (on the) Wonderwall (even if) You Can't Always Get What You Want (You can have) What I Got (cuz) Baby I Love You (but) Why Didn't You Call Me (was it my) Superstition (and now) I Want You Back (while we're) Stayin Alive (in this) Virtual Insanity. I Wish (that) You Oughta Know (that you're) Some Kinda Wonderful, Valerie. I Will Survive (cuz I'm a little) Crazy.
Song 2 
Uptown Funk (with a) Kiss (you say you) Can't Go For That (but) Billy Jean Can't Stop the Feeling (and I) Can't Feel My Face. Good Time and Rappers Delight (help us) Get Lucky (so that we can) Get It On (while) Thinking Out Loud. If I Had No Loot (would you still wanna catch) Feels? Thank You Falletinme By Myself (while I) Play That Funky Music.  (Lord have) Mercy, (I'm so) Happy (we're not) Killing in the Name (of).